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The Ins And Outs of Proper Gym Etiquette

The gym is like any other place of business… There are rules to be followed. Safety, common courtesy, and cleanliness are no different here than any other establishment. It’s just people here are lifting hundred pound weights in close proximity of one another with potential for injury, or worse. So, here are three common sense tips on proper gym etiquette that may help to make the community experience a better one…

Re-rack the weights – This sounds like common sense, but leaving free weights lying around after a workout can be a tripping hazard for others in the gym. As well, after loading the bar – on let’s say the bench press or dead lift – and completing your reps, return the plates to their original spot. You may be a 230 lb. behemoth, but the next guy coming in to use the press may be a 16 year old kid looking to bulk up from 115 lbs. And they might not be able to unload the weight, leading to an injury. Be courteous of others and return the weights to their proper positions after use.

Clean up after yourself – We’ve all picked up weights or sat on machines that haven’t been properly cleaned from the previous user. It’s not an experience we want to keep reliving. So, use a towel to separate yourself from the machine and use the gym’s disinfectant wipes after use in order to completely clean the machine. This is about cleanliness and common courtesy for the next user and is important for the gym goer who wants to actually enjoy their gym experience.

Share the machines – For the cardio machines, it’s a good rule of thumb to take about 20 to 30 minutes on the machine if there is a line behind you. If no one else is waiting for that particular machine, then don’t worry about the time limit and work until you’re reached your capacity. For weight machines, a similar practice will help you do your sets, keep to your routine, but move on to the next machine when done so others can continue their fitness gloves with workouts. To keep things moving, it may be as much about flexibility as it is about your set rep total and common courtesy for your fellow workout king.

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